The study plan is built on the basis of developing an original thesis that relates to one of the research lines associated to our Program. The academic activities of the Ph.D. in Mathematics include: 2 mandatory courses of a main specialty 2 mandatory courses of complementary specialty 4 research seminars 1 qualification exam 1 language exam 1 thesis project 1 Doctoral Thesis and complementary activities 240 credits in total are requested in the Study Plan, which are distributed as shown in the following chart:

All the activities in the Study Plan fulfill a specific function described bellow: Course related to a main subject: Oriented to build skills related to the specialization area selected by the student (area that then will be developed on the students’ thesis). Course related to a complementary subject: Oriented to build skills other than the ones chosen by the students. Research seminar: Oriented to lay out the thesis Project or to complement the students’ formation in their research area. The seminar is carried out under the attentive guide of a thesis advisor. Qualification Exam: Global evaluation of the mandatory subjects. It will be composed of a written test related to the complementary area and an oral test related to the major area. The Program Committee shall determine the appropriate examination committee in each case. At the end of the second term, the students shall have passed the Qualification Exam. Language Exam: Evaluation of the students’ proficiency in technical English. The students shall take the language test within the first three years of study. The test shall consist of an oral English presentation of a research subject in front of an ad-hoc commission appointed by the Program Committee. Thesis Project: State of the art study of a personal matter of research related to the research area and to the research proposal to be elaborated in the thesis. The thesis project is carried out in the Research Seminar. The thesis project defense has to be presented no later than the fifth semester before an ad-hoc commission appointed by the Program Committee. Once approved the thesis project, the student advances and is now a doctoral candidate. Doctoral Thesis:  Individual and original research that must be a contribution to the mathematics area in which it has been elaborated and it shall be published at least once in one of the attached magazines. After approved the Thesis Project, the student is entitled to start working on the Doctoral Thesis during the fourth and eight semester of the Program. Once the Thesis is completed and approved by the thesis advisor, the Committee shall appoint the Thesis Examination Committee. This committee shall be composed of 5 teachers, including the thesis advisor, and at least 2 outside specialists. Once the Thesis is accepted, the doctoral candidate shall sit the Final Examination in no longer than 30 days. The Final Examination is a public act where candidates will present and defend their thesis before the Thesis Committee.